How to Make Money With A Forex Affiliate Program

Forex is the largest, the most transparent and the most liquid financial market in the world today. It has a US$ 6 trillion daily trading volume and is thirty times the size of the New York Stock Exchange. The pace of growth has been frantic in the past decade and the market only continues to grow. The opportunities and possibilities for profit are tremendous and not just by trading Forex. There are other ways of earning from the world of Forex and of the most popular and effective method is that of Forex affiliate programs.

Forex Affiliate Program: The Definition

A Forex affiliate program is a basic referral program offered by Forex brokers as a way of increasing their client base. The increasing competition in the Forex market has left brokers scrambling to find new clients. They have come up with business models known as Forex affiliate programs as a solution to this problem, offering rewards to affiliates who refer investors willing to trade on the broker’s trading platform.

The Process

There is huge potential for earning money as a Forex affiliate and this potential only continue to grow. The Forex market provides opportunities for profit in both rising and falling markets, making sure trading doesn’t come to a halt because of political crises, economic instability or natural disasters. As such, a Forex affiliate will always be generating income from the trades executed by the client they introduced to the broker.

Forex affiliates procure clients for brokers by promoting them through their own websites or running advertising campaigns. These clients are introduced to the world of Forex and then referred to brokers. The affiliate has access to a broker provided the link that keeps track of all client referrals and calculates the affiliate’s earnings, which are generated as a commission for the client’s account activation and on all the revenue produced by the client’s trading activities.

Forex affiliates earn money every time a demo account is registered by a client they referred to the broker, and/or even more money when a real account is registered and reaches a particular amount of deposits. Most Forex brokers allow a specific portion of spreads to their affiliates for every trade executed by a referred client.

The Benefits

As with most things, timing is everything when it comes to Forex affiliate programs. The Forex market is still in its expansion phase, making it the perfect time to set up as a Forex affiliate and establishing a steady source of income. Affiliates continue to earn from a client as long as said client keeps trading with the broker they were referred to, and as income is generated per trade, the potential profits are tremendous.

The Forex market never sleeps, making it easy for affiliates to attract investors who can only trade at certain times of the day. It involves both buying and selling of currencies, facilitating profitable trades in both rising and falling markets, making it even more attractive for potential traders. The liquidity, transparency, and ease-of-access combine to make Forex practically irresistible and vastly profitable for Forex affiliates.