Smart Risk Management in Forex Trading

Risk management is a very important part of currency trading. The leverage that brings profits, brings increased losses too but this is something that is ignored by many traders. The currency market is advertised as a profit-making platform. But while trading, it becomes obvious that when the trend of the market changes and profits give way to the loss. That is why a good trader calculates his risks and learns how to manage them.

It may seem surprising but it is true that most traders will risk only 1% of their total account on any currency. Their aim is to profit more than what they are risking. For many traders, the aim is to earn 2% for a 1% risk.

Did we forget the Madoff investment scandal?

If you remember the Madoff investment scandal, you will also remember how he defrauded investors by promising them 1% gains a month. When the interest for this is compounded, you earn 12.68% per annum.  Your account will multiply itself at a tremendous rate in ten years. This may seem quite a low amount of profit considering what you have been promised but it is safe.

It is possible to aim for 25% per month

With a little experience, you can aim for a profit of 15% per month and 8 years, the amounts multiply three times. For a good trader, it is possible to aim for 25% per month, which is a good investment.

All this is possible only when you have the capacity to withstand a few losses. With 1% risk, you may not earn much, but then you are not losing much either. Compound interest works both ways. If the profits are compounded, so are the losses. With the meager profits, you build up enough to bear a couple of losses and can experience to invest further.

How much Investment your are comfortable with

The point is to know how much you should invest. The best way to do this is by gauging your psychological reaction to the investment. When you are placing the trades, check how much you are comfortable with. Your reaction does not change the amount of profits or losses. But it will tell you when you walk out. When you began trading, you did so without worrying about the loss. When you begin to feel that you are worrying too much about it, it is time to take the money and exit.

As you get more experienced, you will find out what works for you. With the correct strategy, the profits will come with even small amounts of risks. Leverage is a two-edged sword. Risk a small amount on every trade and let the amount of your account increase. This way, you gain experience and have the capital to continue trading.