Why forex market is different? Know the Truth!

Compare to other trading markets, forex trading is the most liquid and fluid existing market. Trading is done all day, 24 hours and without interruptions. The gaps in price rarely occur and thus making profit is at the highest leverage.

While it is true that you cannot trade in stock markets without a broker, it is almost the same with forex market. A broker acts as an agent in every transaction made. Brokers take order from the client to exchange and perform the order accordingly to clients instruction. Doing the task, the broker gets or charges commission on every successful trade.

However, forex trade does not charge commission and only get profits through the bid-ask spread. It is also the duty of the broker to help traders overcome the bid/ask spread and helps in making forex scalping easier. The forex scalping broker helps initiates the trade for the traders who find forex scalping difficult.

It is also in Forex market that investors are not allowed to buy on the bid or otherwise sell the offer. When you buy on the bid, you sell for the ask price. The trading is done with currency pairs unlike in other exchange markets. While in other market, traders have profits minus the commission while in forex trading all gains or profits made go to the investors.

Unlike other exchange markets, the Forex market is purely based on speculation. When buying, or selling, there is no actual buying or selling of currencies as all trades are but appear to be computer entries and are calculated and netted out simply based on the market price. All trading are in dollar values that go directly to the trader’s account.