Why you should go in for a forex micro account

In order to trade in the currency market, you need to have an account with a forex broker. The forex broker is your access to the market and basically provides you with tools to trade in the market. IMMFX as a leading forex broker in the industry offers different kinds of accounts for their customers based on the needs of their customers. A forex micro account is one such type of a forex account.

A forex micro account has been basically designed keeping a newbie forex trader in mind. In case of a micro forex account, the minimum required investment is $50 only. Thus you can start your trading career with this so little amount. Apart from this, the leverage is up to 500:1 for this type of account. Also, the lot size, which is 0.01 for this forex micro account is smaller than that for a normal account. Thus you have the option of buying more number of lots by spending only a small amount of money.

There are a few advantages of using a micro forex account. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • A micro account can be used by a trader as a means of building up confidence and honing his or her skills in the currency market. The general strategy that can be used is that the trader can deal with a smaller number of lots and gradually build upon the profit that has been generated.
  • A micro forex account is also a great means of experimenting and formulating a trading strategy. Though demo accounts can be used for strategy formulation, the strategies formed on demo accounts usually do not hold up for real accounts hence micro accounts can be used to make strategies. This is due to the fact that since the investment is small, there is a smaller amount of risk involved. Hence most of the professional forex traders use micro accounts to formulate strategies and then use those strategies to trade on normal forex accounts.
  • A forex micro account can be opened using a very small capital and due to a large amount of leverage option involved it can very easily and quickly be used to increase your bankroll.

A forex micro account is basically a trimmed down version of a normal forex account. Though the amount of capital required and the leverage option involved is different from a normal account, almost all services that are provided with a normal account are provided with a micro account. This involves usage of tools for market analysis, trend recognition, and market investment.

IMMFX’s forex micro account can be a great tool for people who are interested in making a livelihood from forex trading but do not know where to start from. These accounts can also be advantageous for those who wish to invest in the forex money but only have a small amount of money. Thus it can be said that forex micro accounts are a great way to invest in the market and make profits from it.