Global Economic Factors That Affect The Forex Market

When it comes to markets that are most affected by economic changes, the Forex trading market is ranked amongst the top ones. With buyers and sellers coming together from different corners of the world to participate in the trading of large sums of money every day, there is a huge impact of global economic factors that affect the forex market.

As these markets are getting more and more globalized, it has become very important for those operating in this market to understand the impacts of different macroeconomic aspects on the working of Forex trading. Here are some important global macroeconomic factors that should be observed closely if you are planning to become successful in the Forex trading market.

International Trade

The demand for a country’s products in the global trade market is another factor that affects the value of its currency in the Forex trading market. If a country is producing goods that are in high demand in the trade market, the value of their currency is likely to be appreciated since more people would like to do trade transactions with them.

Deficits and surpluses in the international trade market are another global macroeconomic indicator of a country’s currency valuation trend in the future. Countries with an international trade deficit are likely to go through a currency devaluation period while those with surpluses can experience an increase in their currency rates.

Capital Markets

Capital markets are another major global macroeconomic factor that should be monitored by Forex traders. Changes in capital markets are another indicator of where an economy is headed in the financial aspect. The biggest advantage here is that the capital markets of any country are among one of the most transparent markets, with all up-to-date data readily available through a number of sources.

A change in the trading trend of capital and securities can be a big indicator of the direction of the market. If a country is selling off too many securities in the international capital market all of a sudden, it clearly indicates a change in the investor’s attitude towards the country, which will definitely affect the value of its currency in the Forex trading market.

Economic Releases

One of the most important things that you should keep an eye out for is the economic reports of the different countries involved in the Forex trading markets. These reports include the GDP, inflation, employment rate and several other reporting factors that play a very important part in making or breaking the economy of a country.

In the Forex trading market, however, keeping track of inflation rates and trends of currency rate fluctuations in different countries is one of the most important things to do. Depending on the countries policy and its outlook, inflation is one of the major factors that can often work as a double-edged sword.

GDP reports, while a very important global macroeconomic factor, come second because they are the lagging indicators. They are usually made available when things are already done and cannot be changed. While it can give you an idea of a country’s strengths and weaknesses, it cannot help you in changing events that have gone by. You can get the latest news updates and economic releases from our Economic Calendar.

Understanding ECN Forex Trading & Its Advantages

ECN forex, which is an acronym for the Electronic Communication Network, is the future of forex trading. In simple terms, ECN Forex Trading can be described as a bridge that links the small participants in the market with liquidity providers who belong to Tier 1. This is done through an ECN forex broker.

The connection between traders and liquidity providers is achieved using a sophisticated technological system that has been named the FIX Protocol, which stands for Financial Information Exchange Protocol. The ECN forex broker acquires liquidity from providers in the tier 1 category and then makes this available to other clients so that they can trade forex. The broker also does the job of delivering all orders that he receives from the client to suitable liquidity providers so that they can be executed.

A forex broker charges a commission amount for every transaction that he makes, which serves as the broker’s source of income. Thus, the more the broker’s clients trade in forex, the more will his profit be.

Variable Spreads

A general forex broker will offer you both variable and fixed spreads, but in ECN forex, you can only use variable spreads. In variable spreads, the difference between the buying and selling prices of any currency pair fluctuates within a specific range. A floating spread is directly correlated with liquidity. If this increases, so will the range. Thus, a floating spread is low when the forex market is inactive.

Advantages of ECN Forex Trading

An ECN forex system offers many advantages such as:

You remain completely anonymous in all of your forex trading activities. This provides you with the benefit of dealing with neutral rates that are a reflection of the real forex market conditions. They are not, in any way, dependent on the strategies or tactics that you use or on the existing market positions.

You can instantly trade forex by using live streaming, which guarantees you the best possible prices that instantly receive confirmation. There is no need for a “last look” or anything of this sort as all trades are finalized and validated instantly when you make them. The concept of revised quotes does not exist in ECN forex trading because there isn’t a direct dealing desk, so no interferences of any sort are caused.

You can easily make trades on international liquidity, which is provided by the leading banks and the topmost financial institutions in the world.

You can connect your risk management system and trading models directly to the feed that provides market data. Thus, you can enjoy the best possible buying and selling prices that are available at that time.

Generally, forex trading involves fixed spreads, but with ECN forex, you can use variable spreads, which provide you with direct access to the prices. This allows you to trade through tight bids that are as low as 1 pip if the market is under normal conditions.

ECN Forex Trading with IMMFX

IMMFX is committed to providing its clients with the best trading conditions possible. To this end, we now offer different accounts to suit the specific requirements of different traders.

The ECN Account accommodates the experienced retail traders. A key feature is the flexibility in position sizing. The limit for a single trade size is 1000 lots. There is a minimum trade size of 0.1 lot and the trade size increment remains reasonable at 0.1. The ECN Account uses the MetaTrader 4 platform as well as any of the available mobile trading platforms.

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Top Reasons Using Metatrader 4 Platform in Forex Trading

The MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most popular forex trading platform. Using Metatrader 4 Platform in online forex trading industry is so common and popular. Also known as the MT4 platform, it was created by MetaQuotes Software in 2005. Due to a heightened popularity of this platform, countless forex brokers added it to their existing repertoire of trading software and today it is the most widely used platform in the world. In 2010, MetaQuotes Software released the MetaTrader 5 platform, which is a more complex and in-depth forex trading platform. Due to the enhanced popularity of this platform, IMMFX is exclusively MT4 brokers.


The MT4 platform offers everything an investor needs to become a successful online trader. This powerful forex trading platform is incredibly reliable, providing a superior execution environment. In addition, it is easy to download and install, taking a matter of minutes to complete the process. Once downloaded investors simply need to deposit funds into their forex trading account and can begin MT4 forex trading right away.

Breadth of Tools

The breadth of trading tools available on the MetaTrader 4 platform is almost infinite, ensuring that traders can perform their analyses and execute their trades with precision.

Trading On-the-Go

Advances in technology have also enabled software developers to create easy, on-the-go MT4 forex trading. The MT4 platform is fully compatible with most mobile devices including iPad, Smartphone, and Android. Wherever you are in the world you can access the latest forex news, enabling you to remain afloat of current market activity all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Manage Multi Accounts

For professional traders managing multiple trading accounts, the MetaTrader 4 platform allows you to run multiple forex trading accounts with ease. MAM accounts come with all the trading tools you could possibly need to effectively and professionally manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Expert Advisors

The MT4 platform also supports Expert Advisors for those who wish to automatically execute trades. This is an excellent way to diversify any trading portfolio and there are hundreds of EAs to choose from. Each EA is uniquely designed to match the individual requirements of the trader. Alternatively, investors can develop their own EAs and run them on the MT4 platform.

Create you live Forex trading account with IMMFX from here and start online Forex trading Using Metatrader 4 Platform.

Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners – Step by Step Guideline

In our last introductory article on Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners, I have told you all the basics or importance of cryptocurrency trading. Let’s discuss the next steps on how to trade cryptocurrencies.

  1. Read Cryptocurrency news every day

Since your money is involved here, you must know the market very well. Reading news is obviously an wise decision to be updated with the market and know the trend. You can also follow our blog. Here are the some great websites to follow for cryptocurrency news and public discussion:

  • Coindesk
  • Bitcoin Magazine
  • Business Insider
  • Coin Telegraph
  • Cryptocoin News
  • Quora
  • CNBC
  • Reddit
  • Bitcoin Talk
  1. Open your Cryptocurrency trading account with IMMFX

IMMFX is offering global traders the opportunity to Profit, by taking advantage from price movements of Cryptocurrencies in the financial market. With IMMFX you can trade Cryptocurrency 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, giving you the opportunity to open and close positions flexibly. Learn more about Cryptocurrency trading with IMMFX.

Why trade Cryptocurrencies with IMMFX?

  • You are given the ability to trade without actually purchasing the asset in question.
  • Fixed Spreads. No commissions and Swap free.
  • At IMMFX we provide fast and reliable execution of your trades with our state–of–the–art MT4 trading platform.
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  • Trade the financial markets in just minutes
  • A choice from a variety of Cryptocurrencies that includes BTCUSD (Bitcoin v USD), LTCUSD (LightCoin v USD), or ETHUSD (Ethereum V USD)
  • IMMFX guarantees low-cost and low-margin trading.
  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, giving you the opportunity to open and close positions flexibly.
  1. Practice on Demo Account

IMMFX is pleased to be offering a FREE trial of the popular MT4 platform. With the demo account feature, you can enjoy the fast and reliable execution of your trades with our state–of–the–art MT4 trading platform.

  1. Fund your account

Once you’ve learned trading properly from our Demo account and ready to jump on real trading, you can now fund your account using different payment methods. Follow this guide to fund your account properly. Once your account is funded, you are ready to make your first trade.

  1. Study charts to find trends

How do you actually know when to Buy or when to Sell? Well, you need to study the charts to find the right trends for you to enter into the market. Study charts includes analyzing the history of your chosen currency and finding the right trend on the market. You can also utilize some of our MT4 Indicators (like Moving Average) that will tell you the trend on accurately.

  1. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies!

After all the market research and technical analysis, once you are ready to execute a Trade, hit the Call. Buy or Sell your currency.

If you believe that the price of any of the Cryptocurrency will increase in value over time, the trade objective is to BUY that currency pair. However, if you believe that the price will decrease in value over time, it’s better to for ‘SELL‘ trading.

Keep in mind that you are given the ability to trade without actually purchasing the asset in question. You can trade a variety of Cryptocurrencies that includes BTCUSD (Bitcoin v USD), LTCUSD (LightCoin v USD), or ETHUSD (Ethereum V USD).

  1. Set ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Take Profit’ and be patient.

To secure your loss and ensure your profit in each trade, it’s always wise to use ‘stop-loss’ position. Let the trade go following the Trend. If your analysis is good, your trade will hit the ‘Take-Profit’ point and  Voila!


That’s All. Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners is really so easy with the help of smart trading platform. You can trade anytime from anywhere around the world and make a profit from this fastest growing financial market. The value of Bitcoin has increased over 2200% from the beginning of 2017. Don’t waste a day. Learn the market, Identify the trend and make the Profit.

Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners – Step by Step Guideline

You know what? Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners is no more ‘impossible’. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to begin trading Cryptocurrencies.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a sort of digital or virtual currency that is designed to work as a gateway of exchange. Cryptocurrency was created using ‘encryption’ systems to control its supply and secure every transaction between parties by hiding their identities. No central bank or government or monetary boards control it. Because of its ‘encryption’ technology, this digital currency is named as ‘Crypto’ currency. These are what make this digital currency so innovative when compared to standard types of currencies such as USD or EUR.

Cryptocurrencies Vs. Standard Currencies

Knowing the differences of between cryptocurrencies and standard currencies your journey on trading cryptocurrency for beginners can be very easy and flexible.

Cryptocurrencies are Digital

Unlike standard currencies printed as notes or coins, which you may carry around in your pocket, Cryptocurrencies are available in the digital figure only. You can buy the Cryptocurrencies, transfer them, make a transaction using them, and can even withdraw them from ATM.

Encryption technology

As I mentioned earlier, a major characteristic of Cryptocurrencies is their cryptography technology. Stimulated from WW2, cryptography technology secures all transactions between parties and controls its supply. This could be another great reason for trading cryptocurrency for beginners.


Possibly one of the most exclusive features of Cryptocurrencies is the fact that transaction happens purely peer to peer basis. There’s no need for any third party organization like Bank to perform any transaction between two parties. Considering this, it’s less costly to send money to anyone. Other than these, since no monetary boards control this, your identity is always safe and secure whenever you make any transaction using cryptocurrency.

Why trade Cryptocurrencies?

  • Due to their high volatility and rapid price movements, Cryptocurrencies offer a great potential opportunity for investment and speculation.
  • The value of Bitcoin increased over 370% from the beginning of 2017.
  • Because of their fast price movements, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin are ideally known for potentially high returns on investment.
  • IMMFX is pleased to be offering a FREE trial of the popular MT4 platform for trading cryptocurrency for beginners.
  • Trade the financial markets in just minutes
  • A choice from a variety of CFD instruments: Stock Market Indices and Energies.
  • Have 3 markets on 1 platform. Trade CFDs, Forex, Indices, and Metals & Energy on the same Trading Platform.
  • IMMFX guarantees low-cost and low-margin trading.
  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, giving you the opportunity to open and close positions flexibly.

How to trade Cryptocurrencies?

So you’ve learned some basics about cryptocurrency trading and now you’re all set to trade, right? Now the real question is, how exactly you trade cryptocurrency?

Let’s know in detail…

  1. Learn the Basics

Before you jump on real trading, you need to know the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Of course, you don’t need to be master of it. However, basics knowledge is enough to move on further for trading cryptocurrency for beginners.

  1. Learn the top currencies

So many “altcoins” are developing and adding to the list of digital currencies to trading cryptocurrency for beginners. There are more than 100 kinds of Cryptocurrencies whose value is more than $1 USD, according to CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are obviously the top 3 most popular and reliable digital currencies that you can choose to trade now.

  1. Understand the risks

This market is highly volatile. Like other standard trading markets, your money is at risk with Cryptocurrencies trading too. Trading cryptocurrency for beginners might only be profitable if you how much you can afford to invest here and manage funds very properly.

Read our next article on Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners to learn more about it.

How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency – Beginner’s Guide

A group of different digital currencies is being traded under the cryptocurrency banner. Bitcoin, as the most popular and reliable digital currency. It was formed in 2009 as a globally accessible digital payment system. We’ll now learn some basic information about Cryptocurrency and how or why investing in Cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency method designed to handle e-transactions in a very secure way.

The complete method of digital currency uses cryptography. This is a type of secret coding inventing from the WW2 to perform e-transactions privately, securely and to authenticate them.

Generally, in the banking system, monetary boards or governments run the supply of currency by printing units of money, in notes or coins, or creating some additional digital banking or fund exchanges.

On the other hand in the world of Cryptocurrency, individual investors, traders, and speculators hold the total balance on Cryptocurrency. They also control its market. No government or monetary board controls its market. Unlike regular money, your transactions in digital currencies are processed through a secure online gateway where your identity is completely private.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

If you’ve decided your investment amount and learned well about digital currencies with good research, it’s time to start investing in cryptocurrencies! Here’s what you’ll need to do.

First things first

Make a decision how much you’re prepared to invest. This digital currency market is hard to forecast. Bearing in mind the volatility of different Cryptocurrencies, you almost certainly don’t want to invest your total investments in this trading field. Still, it’s an obviously a great opportunity to start investing in cryptocurrency and add it to your trading portfolio.

Learn about the currency

Before investing in cryptocurrency all your capitals, make sure that you’ve learned and made well research about the coins you want to invest in. Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin are most renowned, volatile and reliable coin in current time. Although there are lots of other Cryptocurrencies on the market, however, all coins not will be feasible. To honor this point, I will share some basic information here regarding those top three coins.

Why Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

In addition to what I have written above, there are three key good causes to invest in Cryptocurrency.

First, Cryptocurrencies are reliable. Since its beginning in 2009 the value of Bitcoin is gradually increasing. Financial analyst believes that Cryptocurrencies are future of money. That because it is more secure, faster and easier than traditional currency system.

Second, the value of digital currencies is continuously increasing. From 2010 to 2017 bitcoin’s price has been increased from 0.03 to 18,000 against USD. If you had bought 1USD bitcoin that time, you would be a millionaire by now.

Third, because you like the technology and you like trading online.


Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

There are many options one can choose when making a decision in which digital currency / Cryptocurrencies to invest in. Let’s discuss some of the most popular digital currencies to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin: You know this name, or at least heard of it right? There are plenty of reasons you’ve seen the bitcoin all over the financial news and papers. The price of the Bitcoin has increased almost 18,00x in the last 6 years.

Ethereum: Perhaps the second-most popular and high volatile cryptocurrency. The value of this digital currency has increased more than 3000% in the last year. So it might be a good chance for beginners to pay more interest on this digital currency.

Litecoin: Like above two currencies, Litecoin has also risen much higher in recent times. The value of this digital currency has increased more than 2000% in the last year.



The value of Cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. This is the right time to make a wise decision to enter into this growing market and add it to your portfolio. Compared to its risk, the opportunities are Higher. Join the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Opportunities on Trading Bitcoins for Beginners

It can be very profitable trading bitcoins for beginners or professionals. The concept is still new, but extremely volatile with huge spreads and price movements. Leverage and margin trading are widely available. Thus, making money on trading Bitcoin is so easy and flexible for anyone.

Bitcoin’s market volatility and history of bubbles are the some of the main reasons to bring in new traders and investors than any other features of the digital currency or crpytocurrency.

Each bubble in Bitcoin price movement makes hype that puts Bitcoin in the news highlight. Following the media coverage people become interested investing more, thus the price keep rising until the hype fades.

Whenever the price of the Bitcoin rises, new traders, speculators and investors want their share of profits. Since Bitcoin is international, internet based and easy to make any transaction, trading bitcoin is simple.

Bitcoin, as cryptocurrency, trading has very little obstacle to entry compared to other financial instruments like Forex currencies, CFD, Stocks or Commodities,

Why Trading Bitcoins for Beginners?

Before I reveal you how easy it is to trade Bitcoin, it’s must to know why trading bitcoins for beginners is both flexible and profitable.

Bitcoin Is Global

Bitcoin is a globally accessible currency, and no government or country controls it. Therefore, its price isn’t controlled or related to the financial system or policies of any particular government or country. Traders, Investors, speculators and currency owners basically own the entire Bitcoin market.

You can trade Bitcoin 24/7

Unlike stock markets as you know, there are no authorized Bitcoin exchanges or government. Instead, there are many particular exchanges around the world that offer Bitcoin trading services 24/7. Like some major FX broker, IMMFX is proud to offering trading bitcoins for beginners on its platform.

Bitcoin is Volatile

Because of its volatile, trading bitcoins for beginners is simply good. This digital currency is also known for its fast and regular price movements. In the image below, you can see the extreme price movements of this trendy instrument.

Your Capital is at Risk

Keep in mind that as with any kind of financial trading, your investment is always at risk. If you are new comer in trading Bitcoin, you should start trading with a minimum investment that you can bear in case of any loss. However, you can also practice trading on our Bitcoin Demo Trading Platform. You should also learn trading bitcoins for beginners and be updated with current market.

Trading Tips

  • Buy low and sell high, the simple rule of Bitcoin trading when you go for a long.
  • Sell high and buy low, the simple rule of Bitcoin trading when you go for a short.

Even if you are a new in Bitcoin trading you can make easy profit by following these simple tips. How to be sure that you’ll actually make profit from you call? Be updated with the current market news and make a good technical analysis on following chart history.


Frankly speaking, trades happen globally because buyers consider the price is low and sellers predict the price as high. Therefore, be sure to updated with the market, practice more on demo account be to skilled with technical analysis and manage your funds very properly.

Investing in Digital Currency – Risks and rewards

Although critics see them as scams, millions of believers consider them as the future of finance, and so many early investors are making a huge profit from the massive returns generated. Yes, I’m talking about digital currencies. Hence, how the common investors are supposed to take the opportunity in Investing in Digital Currency? Very cautiously.

But, what if I told you that your profits might be fifty percent or hundred percent better?

I am sure you would be paying attention.

Though, the moment I write the name Bitcoin or Ethereum, most investors of a traditional portfolio (built with stock trading, bonds trading, precious metals or even currency trading) would turn out. The majority would decline the concept as “too dangerous.” But wait.

In this short article, I will reveal the truth, why you should not be afraid of Investing in Digital Currency. Don’t be that individual who fails to identify the right opportunity for a lifespan to make the most of investment returns.

Investing in Digital Currency is not as risky as they might look. These currencies have been developing day by day; therefore you may have a second look at them. Here are few opinions why it might be a brilliant decision to include digital currencies in your traditional portfolio.

However, the ultimate choice relies on you, because it’s your hard-earned money after all.

Large with Market Capitalization

Bitcoin’s present market capitalization is more than $260 billion, where it was only $68 billion a few months ago. This basically proves the rapid growth in popularity and value of Bitcoin. This digital currency is even higher in value than some well-known stocks.


Since the first Bitcoin was mined or introduced, almost eight years have been passed. Many never predicted it to reach where it is today. Its demise has been written countless times by now. But, digital currencies have only developed stronger each day, and every year.

Well Established

Digital currencies including like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are not restricted only to IT experts; anyone can make use of digital currencies on different conditions. For example; even the UN has sent aid to Syria using the Ethereum Blockchain.

Many central banks across Asia, Europe, and some other continents are considering to utilize the features of Cryptocurrencies for secure transactions.

Japan has been at the front position in accepting digital currencies. This county has announced Bitcoin as a legal payment method in April 2017. Hence, we can definitely hope that others countries will soon follow the track.

Thus, digital currencies are here to stay and are likely to attract more users day by day.


The volatility of digital currencies has been a serious concern to the classic investors. But, you can clearly see in the chart above that the volatility is now in a stable condition and as many typical investors started investing in digital currency nowadays. And, analysts are predicting that the volatility is supposed to fall further in coming months.

Is the Investing in Digital Currency risk-free?

No. Like all other investments, there is risk involved in Cryptocurrencies as well. However, you can easily manage the risk in Cryptocurrencies as like managing risks in a traditional investment.

Don’t be hurry in making easy money in digital currency. Be careful in investing in digital currency and choosing the currencies that are technically strong and smart.


It might be a fine thought of not depositing all your money in investing in digital currency. Invest your hard-earned money only according to your money management and your financial goals. However, the profit is definitely much higher in investing in digital currency compare to its risk.

Start Trading on Crptocurrency


* Bitcoin volatility image source credit: buybitcoinworldwide